Introduction to Machine Learning
Fall 2020

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Announcements for Week 9 (week of October 26, 2020)

  1. The deadline for the mid-semester survey is fast approaching! Please fill out this anonymous survey by 4 pm ET on Sunday, Oct. 25.

  2. Exercises for week 9 have been released (as of Saturday, Oct. 24 at 9 am). Remember that they are due 9 am Tuesday morning before lecture on Oct. 27. Homework for week 8 is due Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 11 pm.

  3. Extended explanations have been added/released for nq07. We encourage you to review those, even if you got the answers correct on the nanoquiz. We will plan to release explanations within each nanoquiz the week after the nanoquiz is due (timing based on when late submissions end).

  4. Nanoquiz study: As a study aid for nanoquizzes, we have added the Previous Final Review Materials that include exam-like questions from prior semesters when we had a 6.036 final exam. You are welcome to use these (but are not required or expected to do so) if you would like more practice with quiz or exam-like 6.036 problems. To be clear, there is no midterm or final exam this Fall 2020 semester in 6.036. There is also a review question topic breakdown to help identify which questions relate to which topics.

Archived announcements are available here.